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Vaccinology: Reflections and the way forward

Anubrolu Naveen, Uday Shanker Araga, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu.

In recent times vaccine development exploration accelerates the new strategies based on genomics, proteomics, functional genomics and glycochemistry (synthetic chemistry). The evolving Advanced technologies have the potential to identify potential targets (antigens-proteins, cell wall components, polysaccharides), production of genetically engineered proteins (antigenic or carriers) and synthesizing the complex peptidoglycans / lipopolysacchrides. The review primarily focuses on vaccines for bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis); the notorious success of Mycobacterium tuberculosis a highly adapted human pathogen rests intracellular (Latent phase), interferes membrane trafficking in infected macrophages, blocks the process of phagolysosome and thereby protect the pathogen/organism against lysis. The world is witnessing an escalation of multidrug and extreme drug resistant tubercle bacilli challenging the normal therapeutic practices and increased mortality rate. The sequencing of the M. tuberculosis genome has thrown light on newer target proteins that could be used for vaccine development.

Key words: Conjugate vaccines, DNA vaccines, Humoral and cell mediated immunity, Immunization

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Anubrolu Naveen, Uday Shanker Araga, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu. Vaccinology: Reflections and the way forward. J Med Allied Sci. (2014), [cited January 12, 2023]; 4(1): 45-53.

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Anubrolu Naveen, Uday Shanker Araga, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu. "Vaccinology: Reflections and the way forward." Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences 4.1 (2014), 45-53. Print.

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Anubrolu Naveen, Uday Shanker Araga, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narasu (2014) Vaccinology: Reflections and the way forward. Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences, 4 (1), 45-53.