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  • Method development and validation of paracetamol drug by RP-HPLC
    T. A. Phazna Devi, Aravind Setti, S. Srikanth, Sivaramaiah Nallapeta, Smita C. Pawar, J. Venkateshwara Rao
    J Med Allied Sci. 2013; 3(1): 8-14
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  • The impact of social media on the academic performance of second year medical students at College of Medicine, University of Babylon, Iraq
    Ahmed Tawfeeq Alahmar
    J Med Allied Sci. 2016; 6(2): 77-83
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/jmas.236927

  • Free radicals, oxidative stress and importance of antioxidants in human health
    Amit Kunwar, K.I. Priyadarsini
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(2): 53-60
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  • Emerging technologies for development of humanized bio-artificial organs
    Aleem Ahmed Khan
    J Med Allied Sci. 2016; 6(1): 1-2
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/jmas.216749

  • Snake bite: Biochemical changes in blood after envenomation by viper and cobra
    K. M. Pradeep Kumar, M.P. Basheer
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 36-41
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